Audio Technica AT-LP60BL
Build Quality
4.2 / 5
3.2 / 5
5.0 / 5
Overall Review Score
4.1 / 5
Community Score
4.4 / 5


Belt drive, preamp, good sound quality for the price.


Lightweight construction, built-in cartridge.

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The Audio-Technica ATLP60 Belt-Drive Turntable is the perfect player for the entry-level vinyl enthusiast.


  • Size is 18 x 6 x 16 inches
  • Belt-drive turntable with fully automated operation
  • Start, Stop, and Tone Arm Lift buttons
  • Toggle between at 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Toggle between 12" and 7" records
  • Switchable preamp for line-level or phono output

First Impressions

Just load a record, press play, and the ATLP60 will take care of the rest. The speed button toggles between two speeds: 33 1/3 or 45 RPM. The size switch toggles between 12" albums and 7" singles. Combine that with the included 45 RPM adapter, and you can play nearly any LP or single. This player is ideal for listening to music while relaxing at home. Whether you're reviving a vintage record collection or building a new one, this is a good choice for an audiophile on any budget. The ATLP60 features Start and Stop buttons for fully automated operation. Of course, you'll still have to flip the record when a side finishes, but that means no need to handle the delicate stylus and less chance of scratching your records. The Tone Arm Lift button makes it easy to seek to an individual track on the album.


Just hit the button and the tone arm will hover just above the record's surface. Seek to the track you like, press the button again and the needle will drop to resume play. The ATLP60 is well suited for a bedroom audio system or a great addition to an existing entertainment system. Experience the sound of vinyl to hear what you've been missing in your CDs and MP3s all these years. You'll hear songs clearer than ever before. You may also find some records with slightly different mixes or extended versions of songs which you won't find on other media. In short, the Audio-Technica ATLP60 makes listening to records a breeze. It sounds great and it won't break the bank. The ATLP60 is all you need to turn your home audio system into a vinyl sanctuary. It's well-suited for anyone looking to begin a new record collection or add a record player to a new room in the house.

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